Knowledge and Understanding of the world


The ability to observe carefully, to ask questions about why things happen and what will happen if???!!!!
The science topics for these age groups will be:

  • Play group – Ourselves ( Body Parts & Food – Fruit and Vegetables), Colours and Shapes
  • Nursery - Ourselves (Senses & Emotions), Animals, Opposites, Nursery Rhymes
  • Reception:
  • - Ourselves (Growing and Human differences), Forces, Minibeasts, Electricity, Materials.

  • Year 1:
  • - Light & Dark, Pushes and Pulls, Sorting Materials, Sound and Hearing & Growing Plants.


This is a subject that lends itself to a cosmic presentation. The geography taught at Preschool level is predominantly global, with particular emphasis placed on continents.
Through discussion of pictures showing children and parents from different regions of the world, children’s interest in lives of people and animals can be awakened, questions on a wide variety of topics is sparked off. Children will be able to use geographical skills and resources such as maps and photographs.
Geography topics to be covered will be:

  • Reception:
  • - Weather, Transport and Continents

  • Year 1
  • - Houses and Homes, Continents and Planets

Note: We often shuffle topics and bring in new ones as well.


The presentation of history to the preschool children also reflects a global planetary approach which constantly inter relates with Science and Geography, Mathematics and Language. The principle is to give the broadest outline of knowledge and then to fill in the detailed picture, always following the interest of the children.


Computers are introduced to children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes. Children will learn about:

  • General technological awareness
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Keyboard skills.

While working on the computer, pupils are:

  • Learning how to work carefully, cooperatively and safely at the computer
  • Develop their fine motor skills in order to control a mouse
  • Working towards using a mouse to select programmes and features
  • Increasingly working with purpose
  • Learning the key skills to work independently when they are ready to do so.