Mathematical Development

Children will be exposed to mathematical concepts through handling a variety of objects and materials which lay the foundation for future understanding of number, pattern, shape, space and measure, date handling, symbolism and classification.

Children will be encouraged to develop a mathematical vocabulary and it is helpful if this language is reinforced at home e.g. large, small, tall, empty, tallest, shortest etc. A sense of pattern and order will be taught by counting in sequence and sorting according to various attributes like shape, size and color. Children will learn to recognize numbers and name the common 2-D shapes e.g. circle, square etc… and 3 – D shapes e.g. sphere, cube, cuboid etc…

The Abacus Scheme is a program designed to full support the recommendations and aims of the English National curriculum. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children will make use of materials selected from their appropriate levels.

The approach to teaching Maths is as follows:

  • Maths lesson everyday
  • Interactive oral work with whole class as well as small groups
  • Emphasis on mental calculation
  • Controlled differentiation

Children will master academic skills such as:

  • Sorting and classifying
  • Counting
  • Patterning
  • Comparing
  • Adding and subtracting
  • Exploring mathematical concepts