Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In this area of learning, children will be able to master academic skills each as:
  • Socializing
  • Taking turns
  • Expressing needs and wants
  • Learning to care for the environment
  • Learning independence

  • Circle time

    This will take place on the main carpet area. All teachers and children share in this very informal but socially active way of starting each day.
    Children are encouraged to come and share their views or diligent us with one of their favourite songs. This helps to develop self confidence and self expression which are essential for Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

    Children’s choice

    Freedom of choice encourages independence and children are free to choose an activity they wish. Activities will include painting, cutting, sand or water play, jigsaw puzzles, construction stickle bricks lego, dressing up or imaginative play, home corner, or simply choose a book and ask one of the teachers to read. During this time, teachers will be there to observe, help where necessary and be a friend where needed.

    Teacher directed time:

    During these sessions, the children are introduced to activities and key experiences which we feel will be appropriate and necessary to the various areas of children’s development. We plan work around different themes for each term.